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PLC Programming 2 (Siemens S7 300,400 PLCs)

This course is designed to take the trainee into depths of control systems, set up, programming and maintenance. It includes intensive practical classes with live PLCs, modules field devices and industrial process simulator systems.

Course Objectives

  • Design and execute automation projects
  • Program, troubleshoot and maintain continuous signal field devices such as level meters, VFDs, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, modulating valves etc.
  • Establish communication between two or more PLCs
  • Design process control systems with PID controls

  • Course Content

  • Set up, wiring and operation of continuous signal devices such as VFDs, flow meters, temperature sensors to PLCs
  • Continuous signal(analog) programming
  • Introduction to s7 function blocks (FBs),function Calls(FCs), special function Blocks(SFBs) and Special function Calls(SFCs) and their applications
  • Connecting and communicating between two or more PLCs
  • Profibus connections and programming
  • Process control using PID loop programming(with practical sessions)
  • Introduction to process controls
  • Open and close loop controls
  • Introduction to PID concept and applications
  • PID programming
  • PID tuning
  • Introduction to HMIs (winCC)

  • Softwares

    Step 7 and winCC


    Basic knowledge of the course contents of level 1 (AUTM 103)

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