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Course Code: AUTM 103

PLC Programming 1 (Siemens S7 300, 400 PLCs)

This course is designed to introduce the trainee to control systems with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It includes intensive practical classes with live PLCs, modules field devices and industrial processes simulator systems.

Course Objectives

  • Set-up, wire and program Siemens PLC control systems from scratch
  • Troubleshoot basic programs, trace faulty Siemens s7 PLC/modules and replace them.
  • Perform basic PLC programming(discrete signals) and download to PLCs
  • Modify existing programs for different applications.

Course Content

  • Introduction to PLCs
  • PLC set-up and wiring
  • Establishing communication with PLCs
  • PLC programming with ladder logic
  • STEP 7 installation techniques & components
  • Hardware configuration & addressing of Signal Modules.
  • CPU Properties.
  • Symbolic notation & symbols table handling.
  • Organization Blocks (OBs) , Data blocks(DBs) Function Blocks (FBs)
  • Data types
  • Commissioning & Monitoring / Modifying Variables
  • Linear / Structured Programming Techniques
  • Debugging (troubleshooting) a program
  • Binary operations & gates
  • Downloading and uploading a program
  • Configuration & addressing of modules
  • Creating projects in LAD/STL/FBD
  • Basic functions (timers, counters, comparators, jumps etc.)
  • Data handling including arrays & structures
  • Diagnostics with B, I, L stacks
  • Wiring, set-up, programming and operation of field devices such as sensors and VFDs
  • Basic PLC troubleshooting and maintenance


Simatic manager (Step 7)


Basic technical knowledge