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This training module covers all the course contents of level 1-2 and the HMI courses. It is designed to bring trainees to a point of mastery of automated systems. Experts with industry experience will take you through practical sessions and programming exercises.

This covers the following

  • Training materials and training certificates at the end of the training.
  • Software which would be installed on trainee laptops without an additional cost , but getting the software’s folders and license would attract additional charges.
  • Tea break for trainees.

  • Training Schedule:

  • Weekday Module: 2 Weeks
  • Weekend Module: 6 Saturdays
  • Time: 9am – 3pm daily

    Venue: ZIP AUTOMATIONS Office, 70 Queens Street, AlagoMeji Yaba, Lagos.

    Course Objectives

  • Set-up, wire and program Allen Bradley PLC control systems from scratch
  • Troubleshoot basic programs, trace faulty Allen Bradley PLCs /modules and replace them.
  • Perform basic and advanced PLC programming
  • Setup- program and operate field devices such as level meters, flow meters, VFDs, Modulating pneumatic valves etc.
  • Design process control systems with PID loop programming
  • Modify existing programs for different applications.
  • Design user friendly Human Machine interfaces
  • Design and execute automation projects
  • Program, troubleshoot and maintain continuous signal field devices such as level meters, VFDs, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, modulating valves etc
  • Establish communication between two or more PLCs
  • Design process control systems with PID controls
  • Set-up. Program and troubleshoot Electro-pneumatics systems.

  • Course Content

    PLC SET-UP, PROGRAMMING AND TROUBLESHOOTING (Subject to modifications to fit Client need)
    Software: RS Logix 5000,RS Logix 500, RS Linx
  • Introduction to PLCs
  • Basics of electricity and magnetism with practical wiring sessions of relays and contactors.
  • PLC set-up and wiring( with Control Logix, Compact Logix, Micrologix and SLC 500 PLCs)
  • Configuration of PLC IP Address.
  • Introduction to ALLen Bradley PLC softwares: RsLinx, RSLogix 500 and RSLogix 5000
  • Establishing communication with PLCs using RS Links
  • Programming applications and navigation through Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 and 5000 software.
  • PLC programming with ladder logic with RS Logix 500 and 5000
  • I/O configuration (Hardware configuration)
  • Establishing communication between with PLCs using Ethernet IP (basics)
  • I/O configuration (Hardware configuration)
  • Downloading and uploading to PLCs(Retrieving programs from PLCs)
  • Data types and files
  • Introduction to IEC 1131 standards
  • Electrical continuity versus logical continuity
  • Applications of discrete inputs with PLC’s
  • PLC timer and counter concepts, programming and applications
  • Hands on practical exercises and simulations
  • Wiring, set-up, programming and calibration of field devices such as pressure transmitters, level transmitters, temperature transmitters etc
  • ALLEN BRADLEY PLC troubleshooting with software.
  • Program, troubleshoot and maintain continuous signal field devices such as level meters, VFDs(PowerFlex and others), temperature sensors, pressure sensors, modulating valves etc
  • PLC troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Set-up, Wiring and Configuration of Variable Frequency Drives.(VFDs)
  • Introduction to Process control using PID loop programming(with practical sessions)
  • Open and close loop controls
  • PID programming
  • PID tuning


    Software: Advanced, RS View, FactoryTalk Studio, RSLinx,
  • Introduction to HMI Systems
  • Getting Started on RS View/FactoryTalk Studio
  • Security and passwords
  • Object properties and animations
  • Alarms
  • Bars and trends
  • Tags e.tc
  • Integrating a HMI project into a PLC project
  • Defining communication Parameters
  • Using the Tool bar
  • Object properties(Events, animations etc)
  • Creating a Tag Database
  • Security and password of screens
  • Adding Screens
  • Text lists
  • Recipes
  • Bar graphs and sliders
  • Trends
  • Alarms
  • Faceplates
  • Creating automatic data logging files
  • Troubleshooting a HMI Terminal and Application


  • Introduction to Electro-pneumatic systems
  • Electro-pneumatic diagram
  • Basics of electro-pneumatics
  • Electro-pneumatics programing with Add-on instructions in RS Logix 5000 Software
  • Basic principles of compressed air supply, production, and distribution
  • Structure and function of pneumatic devices
  • Basic principles pneumatic valves, cylinders and solenoid coils
  • Reading pneumatic diagrams
  • Fundamentals of control and modulating

  • Softwares

    RSLogix 500, 5000, RsLink, RSView, Factory Talk View


    Basic technical knowledge

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