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We are ZIP Automations

We are a control engineering firm that executes automation projects and trains engineers/technicians on control technology for industries.

Let us work with you.

Let us train you in automation.

We are ABB Partners in Nigeria!

We design and develop world-class automation systems that allow you to experience full control of all your processes in one click.


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Our Vision

We are an organization which provides world class industrial control technology solutions. We are committed to:

Providing automation solutions to industries in Nigeria and beyond.
Increasing the knowledge base and standard of industrial control technology in Nigeria.
Engaging in researches that will birth innovations which will provide automation solutions globally.
Providing automation solutions to our clients which will tremendously increase their productivity at a relatively low cost.

Our Mission

We seek to be an organization, highly innovative in automation solutions. To achieve this, we are endeavouring to:

Pursue excellence in our services even at the detriment of our profit and returns.
Practice sound financial management.
Engage the best hands on deck for our manpower.
Stay abreast of the always changing technological trends/innovations.

Why choose us?

Our drive and passion is driven by a stern belief that "Nothing is Impossible"

Zip Automations is a pioneering skill training organization with an aim to reduce the gap between the industries demand and education level of the students so that the problem of youth unemployment will be erased by helping you grab suitable placements.

We are on a quest to become the centre of excellence and largest provider of quality skill training program and vocational education within the nation.


Discover our in-depth curriculum prepared by Industry Experts.


Faculty trained and certified by Industry Experts.


Experience full daily monitoring during the course of your training.


Prepare for employment opportunities in prominent industries in the country.


Earn stable above-average income by using your newly acquired skills.